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( Air Conditioning and Ventilation )






We at CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES do our very best in satisfying every client. Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your home due to very hot or cold temperatures, maybe irritated by the high humidity in the air? Well next time you have a few bucks to spend, think about installing a climate control system for your home or a single room air conditioner ext. That will be the best investment you ever make for you and your family.

We offer a wide range of Samsung air conditioning systems. We are an accredited company with Samsung and we will quote you a deal that will best suit your budget. We also install other branded ventilation and climate control systems like LG/ DAIKEN/YORK/BAVARIA ext.

With the Samsung Climate control and Air conditioning systems we offer a wide range of installation solutions like:


          Split Systems

         Cassette systems

         Ducting systems

         Wall units

         DVM systems

         DVM with the MCU systems

         Ext. ev


We are flexible and with qualified technicians, the job will be well done.


As a result of trust and good installation via CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES, we always send out an electro mechanical engineer to analyse the installation and to correspond to the Client so that the installation can be signed off.

We offer services of perfection and we supply installation guarantee on all our installations for up to 5 years. We only supply warrantee on Samsung units purchased via CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES.



With lots of energy saving air conditioners, you can enjoy a well-balanced climate control in your home to improve comfort and to reduce the risk of an unbalanced climate in your home which reduce the risk of your health been tested.

As a registered green engineering company, we also have multiple energy saving solutions at hand. The most popular systems are our single solar systems, where any main air conditioning units are disconnected from the grid and supplied with electricity via a series of solar panels. This means that your climate control system can remain active at a 24/7 constant temperature setting through the year. A great investment.


So if you feel that it’s time to improve the comfort zone in your house, please give us a call or send us an enquiry and we will arrange a date to meet you, which suits you best, to discuss installation, designs, prices ext.


( Please take note that Air Conditioning and ventilation falls under Home improvement and that finance can be applied for at major banks as we are registered with the NHBRC. )








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