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We all know that a swimming pool is like a baby. It needs a lot of TLC and because off this it’s essential that the pool pump must run every day.

This can be a big problem because running a pool pump all day long will definitely increase your electricity bill with quite a lot every month.

That’s why we at CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES have designed an electrical conversion system which will allow you to run your pool pump, during the day, on nothing but pure solar energy.

 Imagine never worrying about your pools electricity consumption again.

 The solar conversion consists of a few PV solar panels and a small series of devices. The energy from the solar panels are converted to electrical energy and via a series of modified applications, you will be able to run your pool pump on nothing but pure sun shine during the day without changing your original pump.



Check out our price guide at the price guide tab and gladly give us a call if you are interested in converting your pool pumps electricity supply to the sun and if you are searching for bigger systems or if you need another solution, gladly give us a call. 

We also install and supply solar pool water heating and multi-functional heat pump systems to heat the water in the pool via thermal induction transfer.



Please give us a call or pop us an enquiry and we will contact you to discuss the details or if you would like to meet up on a time which suits you, we will be more than happy to meet you and discuss a solution or design with a qualified engineer.


( Please take note that for domestic residences, ECO Powered Pools falls under home improvement and that home improvement loans or finance can be done at the major banks, as we are registered with the NHBRC )





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