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Running a business at commercial level is not easy and these days it’s really hard to ensure that everything runs smooth at the best profitable rate. The weak economy in South Africa causes drops in businesses profit rates and sometimes it even leads to loss rather than profit. Besides profitable organisations, Non Profitable Organisations is also accounted for. No business can operate wile loosing income rate because at the end of the day there must be enough income to balance all the total monthly expenses.


Here at CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES we can only play a part in reducing your monthly and yearly expenses by providing you with an alternative electricity supply, in which most commercial businesses finds their electricity expenses to be very high every month or year, which can be fully Self-Sustainable or Semi- Sustainable.


So whether you have a huge:

         Residential City/Country sited Business

         Agriculture Electricity Needs like Water Pumps for Irrigation/Dairy Farms/Meet Farm ext.

         Refrigeration Business



         Or Anny commercial industry with huge power consumption factors

We can help you:

         Safe Huge amounts of money on Electricity Bills

         Supply your commercial business with a 24/7 Self-Sustaining Electricity Supply

         Reduce the carbon footprint if you are a Green Energy Supporter as these systems is 100% ECO FRIENDLY

         Be at ease that you will always have electricity available without being connected to a grid supply like ESKOM.

         Automate your systems to keep track of the status of each sectors electricity supply anywhere in the world.

         Provide Electricity to equipment anywhere in the world or business.


There are mostly 2 types of Alternative Power Solutions:


A             Semi-Sustainable Power Plants

B              Self-Sustainable Power Plants



Semi-Sustainable Power Plants:


Semi-Sustainable power plants, is power plants which does not provide an electricity supply 24 hours a day, only for as long as the power harvesting source finds energy to harvest. For example, Solar Panels or Solar Farms will only provide Electricity for as long as the sun shines or wind turbines only when there are an applicable wind breeze.

This is normally a much affordable solution, but a little less convenient, but this system can be configured in multiple ways for example:

         Combine a Grid supply or Electrical Generator with the system. So for as long as the source stays active for example, during the day there is enough sun shine for the solar panels, there will be a electricity  supply from nature, but when the solar power fails the electricity from the grid or electrical generator is switched back to supply electricity. This is done uninterrupted, which means that the electricity supply remains active without being influenced by the multi switching.

         Run your equipment only during the day. When the equipment is no longer needed to operate for a specific time period or season, the energy during the day harvested from the solar panels can be tapped into the grid supply and your electricity bill with Eskom credited.

         Double the solar system so that the system can supply twice as much electricity needed for the businesses equipment. While the normal electricity consumption during the day takes place, the excessive electricity is fed back into the grid and by doing so your electricity bill with Eskom is credited so that the credit during the day can be debited during night which means your electricity supply from ESKOM will not cost you as sent.  ( This option is PENDING with ESKOM, but are already in motion. )


Self-Sustaining Power Plants:


This system can be used grid tied or off grid, which means that these systems can supply electricity 24 hours a day without being connected to a grid supply like ESKOM, only by harvesting energy from Nature via Solar Panels, Wind Turbines or Hydro Turbines. These systems are very complex and can be monitored and controlled from any area in the world with a connection to the internet.


So if you are tired of paying huge electricity bills per month, tired of electricity cuts from ESKOM or need an electricity plant in an area where there are no electricity  available, don’t hesitate to give us a call or pop us an enquiry.

We will call you back to arrange a meeting at your desired place to plan and design a system for you which will suite your needs and budget at the best rate possible.


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