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More and More Convenient



CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES has been successfully registered as an engineering company at the start of 2014 and now trading individually as a green energy division of the company group CHS, which was established in 2002.

         CIPC Registered as a Private Company Limited

         ECSA Registered ( Engineering Council of  South Africa )

         ECASA Registered ( Electrical Contractor Association of South Africa )

         ECBSA Registered ( Electrical Contractor Board of South Africa )

         NHBRC Registered ( National Home Builders Registration Council )

         CIDB Registration Pending (Construction Industry Development Board)

         SAQA approved Engineers and Technologists (South African Qualifications Authority)


Here at CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES we believe that life is precious and that every moment in life must be as convenient as it can be. That’s why we do our very best in research, technology and engineering to develop systems which will make life more convenient for every person at home or at business, because we believe convenience enhances a relaxing life style.

CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES specializes in self-sustainable electricity plants for normal households, businesses, farms and agriculture and Estates. We develop systems with life designs up to 20 years. All our clients’ opinions are important and if any client has an idea of something specific that we can’t supply them, they are more than welcome to arrange a meeting with one of our engineers to discuss a possible design. Our Engineers are all qualified with a SAQA approved degree.

 We also specialize in all major electrical and electro mechanical repairs, installations and projects. Have a look at the variaty of services we specialize in using our easily navigating tabs above.

With our registration at the NHBRC any client can apply for a home improvement loan at all the major financial institutions to finance an installation as a home improvement. As a registered electrical contractor we can also supply electricians and wireman’s clearance for activating an electrical grid supply from ESKOM or Municipality


Services we have done and offer:


         Domestic Self Sustainable Electricity Plants for households and businesses

         Self-Sustaining Electricity Plants for Agriculture ( Water Pumps )

         Self-Sustaining Electricity Plants for Farming and Estates

         Solar Water Heating

         PV Solar Water Heating

         Multi Close Circuit water heating combined with Underfloor heating and Pool Heating

         Underfloor Heating

         Solar Pool heating

         PV Solar Pools ( Drive your pump with the power of the Sun )

         Domestic Refrigeration Repairs, Maintenance and Installations

         Air Conditioning Repairs, Maintenance and Installations

         Convert your mini truck to an automotive Refrigerator or Freezer ( Transporting cold Products )

         Covert your trailer to a refrigerator or freezer

         Home Automation ( Control and Monitor everything in your home anywhere in the world with CHS’s Home Automation Systems )

         We are still enlarging our services; please bring new ideas and services to our list!


Please browse through our services and products and view the prices at the price guide. If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with the best affordable solution.


( All our products are Patented, designs Copyright Protected and comply with EC standards with certification ISO9001 and ISO14001. )


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