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Please Note that all Products, Projects and Services Excludes

VAT and that prices are in ZAR Currency

Prices are also available in US Dollar/ Euro and British Pound


Due to bad payment behaviour in the past, CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES does no longer provide credit on any projects, products or services and a minimum deposit of 75% is required before any project or installation service is started. Products need to be paid in full when purchasing. Repair and maintenance services needs to be paid not more than 3 days later after the service has been completed and signed off.

Portable Card Machines will be available soon and Electronic equipment with EFT facilities on site.


Discount will strictly be given depending on the total deposit and project sizes as well as on installation services. The bigger the deposit the more discount. We use Contract methods and as a registered company, the client stands nothing to lose after a contract has been signed.





( Prices will be available soon as the new Financial semester is being Planned for 2015 )



Thank you









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