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Electricity has become such a big factor in our lives that everything we build in life till present, cannot function without electricity. Over the years electricity supplies has been upgraded exponentially and it is still continuing. The only big problem is that the consumption of electricity has become more than the output which in South Africa has become quite a big problem these days. This in one of the factors which plays a big part in the price of electricity, besides the economic figures and influences. Electricity has become so expensive these days, along with the weak economy, that the struggle to safe and survive has become just a bid harder. Look at the electricity increasing statistics; that the price of electricity will remain to increase with an ultimate minimum of 8% each year, which will bring the price per kilowatt to a sum of R6.50 /Kw over 20 years at a minimum price per kilowatt increment of 8% a year. Besides the expensive electricity we are also looking at electricity shedding, which means that, to ensure there is enough electricity available for each South African household or business, electricity is regulated between sectors, for a certain time period, where for example one sector’s electricity supply is cut for that certain time period and then switched back on again while the following sector is regulated in the same process. The process is repeated every day.

This means that while we are paying so much for electricity, we do not even get a 24h electricity supply. We are also looking at criminal activity where some times electrical cables, which supplies electricity to households or businesses, are cut and stolen. Sometimes it takes days to restore the damages which mean that specific areas or series of households or businesses will be without an electricity supply till the damages on the supply lines has been restored and the list just goes on…

Fortunately science and technology has come up with such a wide range of solutions over the years that today we are able to harvest energy out of nature and convert it to normal household electricity. Mostly everyone knows the most popular methods like for example Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydro Power ext.


So we at CHS have decided that we would like to specialize in self sustainable electricity plants for domestic households and businesses. We started to create custom designed systems which a client can view at our Product and Projects tab and to follow the prices at the price Guide so that each client can have the info at hand to plan their own financial figures and advantages of a self-sustainable electricity plant.

The Advantages of a Self-Sustainable Electricity Plant is:

         To save a lot of money on electricity as these systems are a long term investment.

         To have uninterrupted electricity available to your household or business 24/7

         To have electricity available anywhere in the world without being close to an electrical grid supply.

         Have electricity available at your home without polluting the world. ( 100% Green )

         To be saver at home when criminal activity takes place.

         Be 100 % in depended from a national grid supply like ESKOM.

         To boost the value of a residence or building with quite a lot.

The Disadvantages of a Self-Sustainable Electricity Plant is:

         Your electricity consumption is limited to the size of your electricity plant.

         That the image of your home can change as Solar Panels and or Wind turbines are installed on the roof of a household or business or close to the building.

         After the life design has been depleted on a system, a new battery pack is needed and some minor upgrades.


So whether you are located in the City, Country, Farm, a Plot, Estate ext. we can help you. We can customise components to comply with the image code, for example in an estate, and reduce any noise levels. Every design is fully customisable.

Please check out our Custom designed Self-Sustainable power plants at the Product and Projects Tab. View the Prices at the Price Guide. If you do not find what you are looking for and would like a more advanced, bigger or smaller system or maybe just a system which will suite the features of your residence better, please just send an enquiry or give as a call so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss a proposal with the director of engineering.

We design systems in two life spams; a 10 Year life design and a 20 year life design. We combine solar energy with wind energy as a standard system design. The systems are coded for example:




SH:         Standard Hybrid

1000:    The wattage supply ability per hour.

Y20:      The Life Design


Other Coding:


SS:       Standard Solar                             (SS1000Y20)

SW:     Standard Wind Turbine              (SW1000Y20)

UH:      Upgraded Hybrid                        (UH1000Y20)

AD:      Alternative Design                       (AD1000Y20)    / Normally a New Design by Customers Choice / 



Please take note that all installation on all projects are installed strictly according to regulations and that installations will be regulated strictly to ensure safety and guarantee.

We supply guarantee on our components and installations according to the systems life spams. 2 year guarantee on 10 Year Life Designs and 5 Years on 20 year Life designs.


CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES supplies all the components and products as a trademark entity in their name. We design or import all our components to ensure quality and guarantee structures and to lower costs to make every project just a bid more affordable. The systems are automated and logical and can be used in junction with grid supplies and electrical generators. There will be an unlimited assistance on all our installed components and products. We act fast on system failure and always have a backup plan.


So take the time and send us an enquiry next time you would like to upgrade your home or business. Please take note that these systems can be installed as a home improvement which means that home loans or home finance can be applied for at banks as we are registered with the NHBRC.


We are looking forward to your inquiry!!


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