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Here at CHS ECO TECHNOLOGIES we offer a wide range of electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning Services. Whether you need repair work or want to install systems, we are here to help. We have a team of qualified technicians and electricians on board which will solve your equipment’s problems at the best affordable price.


Services we offer:

         Electrician Services Repair and Installations + Contracting

         Green Power Plant Repairs and upgrades.

         Refrigeration Repairs and Installations

         Industrial Cold and Freezer Room Repairs, Installations and Maintenance

         Water Chilling Towers Repairs, Installations and Maintenance

         Air Conditioning Repairs, Installations and Maintenance

         Ventilation System Repairs, Installations and Maintenance

         Rebuild your van into an automotive Refrigerator or Freezer

         Rebuild your trailer into an automotive Refrigerator + Freezer


         Contact us to discuss your ideas towards new inventions or deigns and we will be more than happy to help you plan and design your own systems or designs.


         We can help you import products and equipment from anywhere in the world



Just give us a call or send us a enquiry and we will contact you to discuss a time and date at the best affordable price possible.








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